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Hey everyone that has visited the cite you can probably tell I have turned off the factions and skyblock servers, now only the connection Ip address heading to the prison server and I can justify this decision. As of reciently the playerbase has been dramatically going down hill and one of the reasons in my opinion is that it is split in half. 

Some people play factions and skyblock, when some play prison, from what ive seen its mostly people on prison. And my reasoning behind only enabling the prison is to make the playerbase on the one server to build a stronger community, then to branch onto the other servers. 

Another reason is that the factions and skyblock servers both dont have any donation incentives attached to them so I feel that I need time to add such things to those servers aswell with such servers being buggy as is. The prison has been a heart project from myself for a while now and with this attachment I strive to make it a better experience for everyone whom plays on it.

It also has came to my attention that some people don't have donation ranks from previous versions of the server, and If you can email me with proof of purchase to my email at: dynamicisapex@gmail.com and I can dispute your issue. Also if you have any other personal issues with the server other than donations please post on the forums as I will be checking them more offen for such content.

Im going to start posting these updates here to keep you guys notified on whats going on with me personaly with the server and hopefully be a place where you guys can give input to what you feel needs to be changed or added on the server. As it stands the server is dieing and I don't want to give up any time soon making it being one of the first people to create the server in the first place (being prison only), I am back again with only prison hoping to revive its culture that I remember and loved.

Please bear with me as I go through this transition into only prison, feel free to support the servers growth by telling friends about it, or even voting or donating which would be very much appreciated.

Again thanks for your time.


01 Feb 2017, 02:20 1 | 3
Server is now open! Come Join us!!!!

17 Dec 2016, 22:46 0 | 3