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by thekingkilledhim » about 1 month ago

Hello everybody, glad to see you today! 

Today we have exciting news!


The ApexNetwork Forums have been released!


Along with the new forums and website, we have come to a decision to change the way we address Staff. The Staff Team now refers to  Helpers and Moderators, while Administration will refer to Admins and above.

Announcements have been switched up a bit also, we are now making weekly posts instead of the irregular posts we have been posting in the discord server. So now every saturday between 10AM CDT and 10PM CDT there will be a brand new announcement on the home page. Each announcement will include the changes for the past week on the minecraft server and the website and may include extra information like a new server release or just a picture of a cat if we have nothing extra.

Here's a list of the changes for the past week:

Website -
+ Forums have been added
+ Friends list as been added
+ Status page has been added, updates every 5 to 10 minutes
+ Applications for Helper and the Build Team have been added
+ Verification is now on the Hub server, use /validate
to get full access to your forums account.
+ Dark website has been added, light mode may come eventually, but highly unlikely
+ Any Unconfirmed Members will not be able to see any forums posts except announcements

Prison -
+ Changed /warp alpha to /warp donorshop

+ Prison has been updated to 1.8.8 from 1.8.7 for plugin compatibility

+ Price for the Scavenger pickaxe has been reduced from $400 Million to $4 Million in /shop

+ Buffed Starter Pickaxe (was Efficiency 9, Unbreaking 10, & Fortune 5, now Efficiency 10, Unbreaking 10, & Fortune 8)

+ Added Custom Enchantments + Added Stacking plugin (all items and mobs stack just like factions, items stack to 256 when on the ground)

+ Staff can now clear and mute chat if and when needed

+ Added Free world (Note: PvP is enabled there so be careful outside of the spawn)

+ Added a Blast 3 Pickaxe to the donor shop for $25 per pickaxe (it has Efficiency 100, Unbreaking 100, and Fortune 100)

- Removed amount of funds required to rank up from FeatherBoard

- Wings and Glowing enchantments are disabled

Factions -
- No Changes

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