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by thekingkilledhim » 4 months ago

Hello everybody, weekly update time!


Sorry this weeks announcement is short (Again…)
Also sorry for the 2 day late announcement, personal issues kept me from posting.

A new project is being worked on right now, so things will be a bit slow for the next week

Here's a list of the changes for the past week:

Network -
+ Voting is coming back soon, not sure when, but i can confirm its coming back

Prison -
+ Plots plugin was having issues, an update was needed and now they are in working order

+ Item stacks sometimes don't work and may just give you 1 block instead of the fortune, we are looking into this and should have something by the next announcement


+ Glowstone in P mine has been patched (Again…)

Factions -
- Nothing to report here like usual