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by thekingkilledhim » 4 months ago

Hello everybody, weekly update time!


Sorry this weeks announcement is short (Like usual)
The past weeks have been rough, hopefully somethiong will come this next week

Here's a list of the changes for the past week:

Network -
+ Server reliability is being worked on. New UPS is going in this week so we should have a layer of protection for power outages

Prison -
+ Plots have been a bit buggy this week, some chunks might not load 100% but they are there, just do a restart to double check for server side rendering issues.

+ Item stacks are still slightly broken, i looked into them and i cant find a way to get them to perfectly stack.


+ Glowstone in Z patched, as well as the ore mine was fixed again

Factions -
- Nothing to report here like usual, lack of players online is slowly killing the server, for those who are in a faction, please at least login once every 2 weeks to make sure you dont get kicked from your faction. Apex is not liable for loss of items if you do not maintain your faction.