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by thekingkilledhim » 3 months ago

Hello everybody, update time!


These past few weeks have been extremely draining and hectic, so please understand I am trying really hard to get updates out.


Creative is being worked on right now, so that should be released here in the next month or two


We recently just got a new helper, Dareful, and he will be working with us to improve Apex. We had to let go of an inactive staff member recently and needed a new one. That's where Dareful comes in, welcome to the team!


Here's a list of the changes for the past week:

Network -
+ Backups are now being held on the Vault.

Prison -
+ You may have seen some plots play music when you walk on them, this is a new feature for all members. You can access it by using /p music!

+ Item stacks have been optimized since the last announcement, they arent perfect, but they are much better than they used to be.


+ The PvP Arenas in /warp i are now functional, apparently we didn't add in the regions so they were useless holes in the ground


Factions -
- Nothing, like usual.