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by thekingkilledhim » about 1 month ago

Hello everybody, update time!


New Server Release SOON!!!
Skyblock is coming...


We recently have been slow due to some other projects popping up, but i'm working at a steady pace to get stuff changed.


Here's a list of the changes for the past week:

Network -
+ Apex just surpassed 50GB in backups.


+ The main system hosting apex had a memory failure this past week, but it was immediately fixed thanks to our old system having some donor modules.

Prison -
+ The ceiling at /warp T has been remade, it's now a solid glass ceiling instead of a QRCode-like design

+ The entirety of the Epical mine has been reset due to it having a low ceiling.


+ A new plugin is in development, so if you get fuel by mining, keep it, it will be very useful and possibly valuable later on.


Factions -
- Nothing, like usual, please play a bit more so we don't have to close this down in the future...

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